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7 Email Broadcast Systems

7 Email Broadcast Systems

Which email broadcast system should you use to grow your business?

The answer depends on the volume of email you send. For example Aweber gives you the basic information on open rates and can track clickthroughs and it’s so easy to use that anyone can master it in a few hours.

It’s the email broadcast system I and most of the top internet marketers use.

Of course, if your list is over 100,000 and you want to be able to segment it based on which products your customers have bought, you’ll need a more sophisticated (read complicated) email broadcast system.

Infusionsoft is the top choice of some internet marketers because of it’s extensive capabilities. The only problem is that to get it up and running you’ll need to hire an expert, someone to program it for you and it could easily take months to get it up and running correctly.

If you’re looking for the ultimate in list segmentation and upsell and cross sell functionality, then Infusionsoft may be your best choice.

Other email broadcast systems include, iContact, Constant Contact, Autocontractor, 1Shoppingcart, and Getresponse.

Which email broadcast services are the pros using?

1. Aweber
· Ray Edwards
· Jeff Johnson
· Joel Comm
· Jon Benson
· Jeff Walker
· David Frey
· Ramon Williamson
· Yanik Silver
· Steve Harrison
· Ed Dale
· Charlie Cook

2. Infusionsoft
· Rich Schefren
· Nelson Searcy
· John Jantsch
· Michael Port
· Dan Kennedy/Bill Glazer
· Ryan Lee
· Adam Urbanski
· Verne Harnish

3. iContact
· Andy Jenkins
· Anik Singal
· Brandon Burchard
· Frank Kern
· Russell Brunson

4. Constant Contact
· Harvey Mackay
· Bill Cates
· Emyth

5. Autocontactor
· Wishlist – Tracy Childers and Stu McLaren
· Kevin Nations

6. Kickstartcart/1Shoppingcart
· Tom Antion

7. Getresponse
· Eben Pagan

Of course, ultimately, it’s not which email broadcast system you use, but that you have one to start with and that you’re using it to grow your business.

What system do you use?

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