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Event, Conference, Training & Exhibition Web Solutions

The exceptionally fine co-ordination that goes into a successful event or exhibition can be mind-boggling: good web solutions can make things easier.

Event & Exhibition Website SolutionsThe internet offers the opportunity for many innovative ways of tackling event and exhibition planning, management and bookings.

Whether you need to submit abstracts online, process bookings for short courses, seminars or three-day events, take payments or send out event marketing emails, we can put together a tailored system for your organisation.

Our easy-to-use event administration solution will also make it easy to store, retrieve and analyse the information for your event or exhibition. This will save on the tedium of data entry and payment processing, which can all be automated.

Within the XTmotion team we have a pool of experience in the events industry and are thus very familiar with the challenges around successful event management. We will bring our experience to the both the planning and the development process, an added bonus which you will not get with an off-the-shelf event website solution.

The construction of a well-planned event & exhibition website solution will streamline your event, conference or exhibition, allowing you to focus your time in the most effective manner, for your organisation.

Some of the features of our event web solutions included:

  • Content Management System (CMS)
    • Content publishing tools
    • Management and tracking of external links
    • Floor plan tools
    • Sponsorship management & tracking
    • Visitor, exhibitor and press registration and real-time payments
    • Easy design, management and scheduling of email campaigns
    • Marketing and search engine optimisation
    • Full conference management
    • Surveys & polls
    • Real-time reporting and analysis of web site and external marketing activity
  • Exhibitor Management System
    • Event activities
    • Seminar/speaker participation
    • Competitions
    • Product launches
    • Downloads – brochures, promotional documents, sales brochures
    • News articles
    • Press releases
    • Bespoke web address to direct campaigns to their web entry
    • Exhibitor zone – exhibitor area
  • Visitor – Delegate Management System
    • Visit planner and diary service
    • Visitor to exhibitor appointment booking and diary systems
    • Interactive floor plans and show guides
    • Visitor to visitor meeting service
    • Post show seminar Q&A’s
    • Exhibitor information downloads
    • Interactive exhibitor listings
    • Product and service search tools
    • Easy to use and informative Year round web sites
    • Tailored news updates
    • Customised delegate conference program generation
    • Delegate & vistor automated reminders – email – SMS
    • Delegate registration, reporting and management
    • Call for papers and abstract voting
    • Visitor to visitor meeting service
    • Speaker profiling
    • Paper, video and pod casts downloads
    • Pre and post seminar speaker questions
  • Marketing & Sales Management System
    • Email broadcast system
    • Online marketing management systems
    • Social media integration tools
    • Blog systems
    • Subscriber management and source tracking
    • Detailed reporting and measurement tools
  • Online Payments and Registration Management
  • Customer Service Management

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