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Online Booking & Reservation Solutions

Conferences, courses or accommodation – allowing customers to book securely online is guaranteed to save both you and them time and money.

Online Booking & Reservation SolutionsA well-planned online booking & reservation solution can make your customers happier and streamline your business, allowing you to focus your time elsewhere.

People increasingly expect to be able to make and pay for almost every type of service online. Moving to an online booking or reservation solution will satisfy this expectation, but it also has numerous additional benefits to your business. Online booking means that the person making the booking does the work of inputting their own details and selecting the product they require. At the other end, you as a business owner benefit from instant access to a secure database of up-to-date booking information, and, depending on the payment system you choose, the online processing of payments.

We can integrate your bespoke system into your existing website, or design a new site that ensures that potential customers become online bookers.

Why not just buy an off-the-shelf booking system?

We go beyond the capabilities of off-the-shelf packages. This allows us to create a solution directly matched to the unique requirements of your booking or reservation solution.

Just as no two businesses function in an identical manner, no two online reservation solutions that we develop will be identical. The method and purpose of our bespoke solutions are as varied as the businesses we deliver them to. And our years of experience mean that we are able to adapt the proven systems we’ve already created at a relatively low cost to you.

Whether you want a website that allows your customers to book holidays, rooms or events, XTmotion will work with you to fully understand all the nuances of your requirements, as well as what your future requirements of a booking system might be.

Our flexibility and forethought are two key features that no off-the-shelf booking system will include.