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Online Research & Surveys

Want to more about who is using your website? What users think of your products or services? Of political or policy issues?

Online Research & SurveysSo, who is using your website, and what do they think about your latest product / article / podcast or about the government’s latest legislation, or about who’s going to win the Premier League? Online surveys will get you inside their heads and hopefully get you the answers you’re after.

You may be after something more in-depth to inform your next campaign, or nothing more than a 24-hour poll, but whatever you need to measure or collect, XTmotion is able to provide you with the ability to conduct professional online research, surveys and polls quickly and easily, without needing to call in the professionals every time. With our system you will be able to:

* View your results as they are collected in real-time.
* Watch live graphs and charts
* Dig down to get individual responses.
* Securely share your survey results with others

Powerful filtering allows you to display only the responses you’re interested in and to sort them in a way that makes them useful to your organisation.