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Social Networking & Forum Website Solutions

Let your users personalise their online experience through social networking systems and online discussion forums.

Social Networking & Forum Website SolutionsThe uses of social networking and discussion forum systems are extremely diverse. From a business perspective they can be used to improve customer relations, provide customer feedback or to foster customer loyalty by creating a community around a product, service or industry.

Discussion Forums

Discussion forums or message boards allow registered individuals to find solutions to their problems or share tips, opinions or research. All forum-users will have the topic of the forum in common – be it a personal or professional interest.

Your website is the perfect vehicle for publishing regularly updated information for your customers and staff. By providing a valuable up-to-date information resource, you improve the levels of service for your customers – and earn a real competitive advantage, you just need to make sure to use the right tactics and strategies in order to reach this, we recommend to use the application development tools.

Your website could be used to show prices, stock levels, special offers, technical information and news – the possibilities are endless.

Your organisation may wish to provide a forum around a topic-area related to your industry in order to provide a service to professionals in your sector. Alternatively, you may wish to launch a discussion forum around a specific product in order to gain feedback.

Social Networking Systems

Social networking systems can be used to create professional as well as social networks, and as with discussion forums they have many potential uses. However, while discussion forums are more limited in allowing only the exchange of topic-specific information, social networking systems tend to be more complex, allowing users to send email and instant messages and upload additional files. Facebook, MySpace and YouTube are well-known examples.

We go beyond the capabilities of off-the-shelf packages, allowing us to deliver a solution which is directly matched to the forum or online community that you wish to create.