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Web Video Applications

Wow your website visitors with a unique video and multimedia experience.

Video & Web Video ApplicationsNo matter what the strengths of the web as a communication medium, TV still tops when it comes to delivering a message with minimum user input. But the separation of the two mediums is a thing of the past. By integrating video into your website you really can ‘speak’ to your visitors while you ‘look them in the eye’, because web video allows you the double whammy of delivering both an audio and a visual message. And whereas previously video was an expensive medium when it came to getting it into the public domain, now it is effectively free. One need only consider the popularity and power of YouTube to appreciate its value.

Web video – beyond entertainment

And the uses of web video are not limited to entertainment, promotion and marketing. Video podcasts are increasingly being used in the e-learning arena – in paid learning programmes as well as on public information websites. They can be used to add a valuable service to consumers or to train employees. Anything from flatpack furniture instructions to postgraduate lectures on emergency medicine can be captured and shared globally via web video.

In addition video is also becoming increasingly popular with event organisers: now an event’s keynote speaker can suddenly be marketed to a world-wide audience as opposed to merely attendees.

XTmotion can help you identify opportunities for exploiting the moving image for your business. We can advise on appropriate formats, best practice and the most effective integration, to give you the added power of web video.