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    Is your Business prepared for the Mobile Revolution?

    27 Jan 2011 in Mobile Web

    Few years back, smartphones were considered to be a luxury. Now, they have become a norm rather than an exception in our daily lives. Mobile phones are a blessing for businesses as they not only ease the communication needs but also serve as an instant advertising and marketing channel. The launch of Apple iPhone started the smartphone revolution few years back. And since then, several other technology heavyweights including Google have joined the mobile bandwagon. As a business or marketer,...

    Online spend is set to bounce back following the recession

    14 Jan 2011 in B2B Marketing

    Only one-half ( 50%) of B2B marketers formally measure the return of their online marketing investments, but those that do say online is more effective than traditional marketing channels, according to a report by AMR International. Budget size is closely correlated to the amount of measurement conducted by B2B companies. For example, only 24% of B2B marketers with annual budgets lower than $25,000 formally analyze metrics, compared with 85% with budgets larger than $2 million. More info on this at...

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Pitfalls

    11 Jan 2011 in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    Bringing someone to your website is just the first step. Unless they complete a task you have wasted time and money. The Google homepage is one of the most poorly search engine optimized websites on the Web. If you search for “search engine” (There are 6 million such searches every month.) then Google appears way down the list on the second page of search results. Alta Vista (the king of search engines in the mid-Nineties) appears third. Google is doing...