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    Email Marketing Checklist

    10 Sep 2010 in Marketing

    1. You have your entire campaign planned out. Before you start any email campaign, you should decide on the frequency of your emails, the topics and how they flow together, how you will follow-up, etc. This should all be figured out before writing one word of your first email.

    Contributing to ZendFramework

    01 Sep 2010 in web development

    … on contribution Who hasn’t ever started writing his own Framework/CMS? It is considered best practice for learning purposes, but going through all the security stuff can be stressful and boring at the same time. That’s where most devs start to contribute to big Open Source-projects like Typo3 or the Zend Framework, because they are already experienced working with it and yet evolving another system on the market or even getting people to contribute seems like an unachievable task. Instead...