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Five Tools for Twitter Lists

Five Tools for Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists are under-estimated most of the time. The fact is if used effectively it can prove very much a productive tool. Success with Twitter Lists is all about how well you manage your lists.


There’s no doubt, this is the best tool to manage your twitter lists. Formulists helps you automate the process of organizing your followers and conversations using lists. It also allows you to see who has recently un-followed you. Your existing list can be customized and combined in simple terms.


Listorious is similar to Tlists below. However, Listorious is more comprehensive, with a more specific and targeted search functionalities. Listorious does not just allow you to search for relevant lists, it also allows you to search for top Twitter users in your targeted industry or niche.


Tlists can easily be called the search engine for Twitter lists. It lets you find top lists on any topic of interest and following the top users in each targeted lists is easy.

List 1up

List 1up is a very simple application for viewing most recent activities of listed users on a Twitter List.

Does Follow

Does follow is useful when you want to know if a particular user is part of a particular list or not, and it’s very simple to use as well.

If you know of more Twitter Lists management tool not listed here, please add it to your comment below.

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