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Social Media

Social Media is a great equalizer: big brans can be oustsmarted without making huge investments, and small brands can make big names for themselves

Creating a social media strategy that benefits your organisation can be a daunting task and often requires support and input from those in the know, like the SearchUp team. XTmotion offers bespoke social media Solutions in order to facilitate your social media strategy and empower you with knowledge to make key strategic decisions.
The uses of social networking and discussion forum systems are extremely diverse. From a business perspective they can be used to improve customer relations, provide customer feedback or to foster customer loyalty by creating a community around a product, service or industry.

Social Networking


  • Two thirds of the world’s Internet population now visit a social network or blog site weekly
  • 220+ million people visit the top 25 social networks each month
  • Facebook alone has 500+ million active users
  • Social media Internet traffic has exceeded adult entertainment sites
  • Time spent visiting Social media sites now exceeds time spent emailing
  • Consistent polls reflect that 89% of people forward news, events, and vendor specific information to people in their network.
  • 59% of adults polled state that they use their cell phone to remain connected with their social network

Because of statistics such as these, companies – big or small – have seen to it that viral marketing services are integrated into their company. Because the cost per impression is typically much lower in comparison to other forms of media, businesses have been able to reach a very large buying audience at a lower cost when compared to other forms of available media.

For a more effective social media marketing program, XTmotion can provide the Strategy, Know-how and Solution customised and to suite your budget:-

  • Crafting your Facebook profile for maximum impact
  • Place your Business into the Facebook community
  • Joining the right Facebook Groups—or start your own
  • Creating a Facebook blog that attracts paying customers
  • Promoting products and services with Facebook Marketplace classifieds
  • Hosting your own Facebook events: from company picnics to concerts
  • Advertising on Facebook
  • Promoting your business within today’s most popular Facebook applications
  • Tracking the results of your advertising
  • Using brand-new viral video marketing techniques
  • Driving even more Web traffic to your Facebook pages
  • Building unique bespoke Facebook applications
  • Internet Search Engines & Blogs
  • Target Marketing Web Services
  • Social Media Interconnectivity
  • Industry specific organization contributions
  • Television & Radio
  • Multiple forms of Print and Direct Marketing
  • SEO Web Development
  • Customer Participation & Polling services
  • Outbound/Inbound Call Center Services
  • Mobile SmartPhone IntegrationForum and Discussion Boards