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5 Hot e-Commerce Topics

5 Hot e-Commerce Topics

The current hot e-commerce topics are mobile marketing, social marketing and local marketing. Other important topics included, search engine optimisation, email, search marketing and target marketing.

E-commerce is moving ahead yet it seems many are still struggling with the basics of marketing online and seek the formula of success that will help them to get it right.

Five HOT e-commerce topics are:

  1. While mobile will have a major influence on e-commerce, it will be an absolute game changer for the bricks and mortar shopping experience, as shoppers use mobile technologies in the store.
  2. Rethink what it means to be a connected consumer. Trends in social commerce.
  3. New School Marketing = power channels, relationships, automation, and integration via cross channel optimisation.
  4. Hire for attitude, train for skills.
  5. A “like” on Facebook is permission – permission to have a conversation.

The main thing is to never forget who you are serving, know your customers. Ask questions, do research and try new promotions.

Don’t be afraid to step out of the usual, just be willing to monitor and gauge the response. Be willing to adopt the innovative, but don’t lose knowledge of the basics such as email, search and target marketing. Is your e-commerce strategy on track? Comment below.

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