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    Four-Step Strategy For Inactive Subscribers

    09 Dec 2010 in Email Marketing

    Every email list is going to have subscribers who sign up and then apparently vanish. They may have opted in to a specific offer, then disengaged once they obtained the coupon, free content or other benefit you promised. Or they joined your list while in the market for your product or service but soon afterward their needs were met and they never bothered to unsubscribe. Inactive subscribers frustrate marketers because we don’t know what went wrong. Reasons they ignore us...

    Christmas (December) SEO Tactics to Boost Your Web Traffic

    06 Dec 2010 in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    The holiday season is underway, and unfortunately many of us have waited for the last minute to attend to our SEO for the season. SEO for the holiday season really is best done in August, September or October. But what if you didn’t get to it this year? Is it too late? Not necessarily. There are some things you can do. Go get some blog links. Make title and content changes on key pages. Eliminate duplicate content problems Check for...

    Ecommerce Sites: Should you list your products on 3rd party sites (like Google Shopping) in addition to my ecommerce site?

    03 Dec 2010 in Ecommerce

    Absolutely. These shopping sites are highly visited and your competition likely has their products listed on 3rd party sites. Many shoppers use these sites for comparison shopping and it is important that your products are visible. Your products need to be in front of as many people as possible, and this means presenting them in every economically viable channel. For most online stores, marketplaces like Google Shopping, eBay, and are economically viable and tend to drive incremental revenue. Keep...