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    What Cheer Are You Adding To Your Website For The Festive Season?

    12 Nov 2010 in web development

    Why not update your website using Christmas colours or themes, or just add a festive message. We have just added some festive spirit to the Horizon-Security website while still maintaining a professional presence. Please have a look and let us know what you think.

    QR Code Marketing and Campaign Implementation Videos

    10 Nov 2010 in Digital Marketing

    Lately we have been focusing on two areas, location-based marketing and QR Code implementation

    Vital Elements To Your Website Strategy & Website Plan?

    09 Nov 2010 in Web Strategy

    In Website Strategy and Planning, Jen Kramer shows that there is more to building a website than just implementation. She describes how to create a plan that will ensure the end product meets the clients needs and is as efficient and scalable as possible. Jen explains how to identify the right technology for the design, whether it is CMS-driven or static, and how to organize content and graphics. She shows how to create a project proposal that includes pricing and...