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    Basic Google Analytics – Tips for Business Owners

    19 Nov 2010 in Web Strategy

    Introduction This article will help you pick out some useful data to begin tracking with Google Analytics. The assumption is that you are interested in tracking web traffic trends over time. Other types of analysis are possible with Google Analytics (i.e. information architecture), but are not covered in this article. We’ve also included some pointers on how to interpret the data you are tracking. The information below will help you analyse your aggregate site statistics, but you can also use...

    Digital Marketing Planing Process

    15 Nov 2010 in Digital Marketing

    It is important to recognise that planning for digital marketing does not mean starting from scratch. Any digital communication must be consistent with the overall marketing goals and current marketing efforts of your business. The main components of an digital marketing plan will typically include the following stages: 1. Identify your target audience If you identify multiple targets, rank them in order of importance so that you can allocate resources accordingly. Profile each target group and understand their requirements and...

    Why You Should Have A Niche Marketing Strategy

    12 Nov 2010 in Marketing

    How to Greatly Increase Your Odds of Business Success By Using a Niche Marketing Strategy One of the biggest mistakes business owners make is trying to market their product or service to a large general market instead of focusing on a small niche market. As a marketing advisor, getting clients to focus on a niche market is the most difficult part of the job. Whenever I tell a client that they must start off small and focus on a specialised...