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    Giant iPhone Table With Touch Screen

    08 Nov 2010 in Marketing

    If this giant iPhone table is for real, then I want one!  Who wouldn’t want a giant iPhone table in their office or kitchen? It’s estimated this is a 58″ HD-capable capacitive iPhone with touch screen capability.  If this comes to market I’m going to try and make some cool coasters for it. The video was uploaded to YouTube on November 2 by tableconnect1 and as of this writing already has 1.2 million views. Not sure why the first picture...

    The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

    04 Nov 2010 in Marketing

    We’ve been conditioned to think that the best way to motivate ourselves

    How To Use Google Insights To Make Better Quantifiable Business Decisions

    29 Oct 2010 in Web Measurement & Reporting

    The examples below showcase some different ways of using Google Insights for Search. Whether you’re an advertising agency, a small business owner, a multinational corporation or an academic researcher, Insights for Search can help you gauge interest in pertinent search terms. 1. Choosing Advertising Messages Insights can help you determine the messages that resonate best. For example, an automobile manufacturer may be unsure of whether it should highlight fuel efficiency, safety or engine performance to market a new car model....