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    Key Considerations for your Business Social Media Strategy

    14 Jan 2011 in Social Media

    This video clip on Seth Godin’s reply about business social media strategy summaries where most business are going wrong by focusing on getting more network connection. Instead of focusing on developing meaningful and long-term partnerships.

    Internet Retail Sales Now 10.5% of all Retail Sales.

    07 Jan 2011 in Ecommerce

    Latest UK Figures Internet Retail Sales Internet retail sales now account for approximately 10.5 per cent of all retail sales. This is the highest proportion since the series began. In comparison, in November 2009 this proportion was 7.9 per cent. On average, weekly internet retail sales in November 2010 totalled £660 million compared with the average weekly value for all retailing at £6,300 million (excluding automotive fuel). Month on month changes During the period October to November 2010, the average...

    Best Example of a QR Code

    07 Jan 2011 in Digital Marketing

    Restaurant guidebook links to online content for fresh reviews. Bringing the online and offline worlds together is a rich source of opportunity for publishers, combining the tangible benefits and convenience of physical ownership with the opportunity to deliver up-to-the-minute content. Bringing this concept to the restaurant guide, Italian has launched the SpagoGuida 2011, a physical directory of restaurants that links to online reviews. The guide is available from the company’s website for EUR 15.90, and offers listings of over 1,000...